Frequently asked questions

What is it you do anyway?

I try to do stuff that makes me happy and that I can earn a living wage from. I specialise in creative technology and communications. Working with multimedia creation, social media documenting and running coaching and training sessions.

Where do you do your training?

I will train wherever I am needed. I am based in the UK but am happy to travel internationally.

Do you only run your own workshops or might you develop something for our specific needs?

I'm more than happy to tailor something for you which can be ran local to you or even in-house. Contact me on email to chat further.

I see you consult virtually but can you consult on site?

Yes. Where do you need me? Contact me to discuss your needs.

How do we book you?

You can email, phone, text or tweet.

What do you need to deliver a workshop?

Just some coffee, a room, some tables, a projector with a sound system and catering if it's a long day.

Do you offer free resources?

There is often some kind of take-a-way for attendees of my workshops. For all the times in-between there is my newsletter.

How much do your services cost?

It depends what you are after. Many of my workshop and consultation prices are listed here. If you are an NGO, charity or person with limited means it may be best to email me. I think I'm very competitive for most. Possibly even bargain. When you hire me you get more than what you see and hear on the day. You get access to a stream of evolving information; and of course my network. offers flexible, fun and creative technical coaching and training from beginner to advance level in all aspects of multimedia. Subscribe to the newsletter to get thought provoking social commentary, stories and updates on my technological adventures. Paid subscribers also get discounts to the Documentally Coaching Sessions and Workshops, as well as deals on Documentally Merch.
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